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Community Partners

Down payment assistance for teachers, nurses, first responders & law enforcement.

Opportunities exist to put home ownership within reach of many home buyers. Fill out the form to learn more!

  • Down payment grants for teachers as well as other school employees are available; just as down payment assistance for nurses and other medical workers is available as well. For those in educaton and health care fields, the definition of a community partner applies to anyone who's employer is a school or hospital. The broad definition extends eligibility to many more people!
  • There is no first time home buyer requirement for community partners but they must still live in the home as their primary residence. T
  • Grant funds are available on a first come, first served basis and the amount is up to $7,500.00. 
  • Funds can be used to cover the down payment, closing costs or principal reduction.
  • If all criteria are met, grants funds do not need to be paid back and are forgiven.