Buying a House for Virginia First Time Home Buyers Just Got a Little Easier!

Find out about available down payment programs & first time home buyer grants in Hampton Roads!

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First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers Make Up Between 35% to 40% of the Real Estate Market. Several first time home buyer programs are available!

Opportunities exist to put home ownership within reach of many Virginia home buyers. Find out how you can buy a house with little to no money down using down payment assistance and first time home buyer grants. Fill out the form to learn more!

  • Several first time home buyer programs in Virginia exist offering low down payment options or no money down options. These first time home buyer loans may be combined with down payment assistance or grants for qualified buyers. 
  • Owner occupancy time frames apply. Depending on the program, buyers must live in the property as their principal residence from 1-15 years.
  • Minimum credit scores apply --an entry level score for any down payment assistance or grant program is a 620. Some lenders require a minimum of a 640. 
  • Minimum home buyer contribution applies. Some programs require a minimum of $500.00 while others require 1% of the purchase price.
  • Some programs can be used with others to create larger amounts of down payment assistance. 
  • Down Payment FHA loans and other first time home buyer loans are available.
  • If all criteria are met, grants funds do not need to be paid back and are forgiven.